Most Lucrative Big Jackpot Slots you must Play

Sun Palace Casino Mega Moolah Jackpot

Who among the list of contemporary wagers would not have the desire to have that sudden stroke of luck and finally be able to conquer an amazing jackpot that would be able to turn their lives around? This is basically one of the goals why many even dare to risk their own dough just to have the chance to profit from them. Having said that, it is clear that when looking for online slots today, although there are many factors that one would consider during the selection process, the most important criteria would still be its jackpot prize. Many would surely want to opt for the big slot machines of the industry, capable of bringing the biggest jackpot in the globe. This is no longer a secret in the waging scene and it is even possible to find some options of big lottery jackpots at SunPalaceCasino that would be beyond your imagination.

Unfortunately, not all the big lottery jackpot you'll see in the industry may be true. There are some which may come from dodgy and questionable sites, which could render you nightmares instead of helping you fulfill your dream. This makes it more imperative for one to be careful when looking for the best casino games to win. If you are not that confident of determining what the worthy big slot machines are, here are some that would surely be able to satisfy you. Some in this page may even be qualified to provide big wins in Vegas, providing all sorts of wagers out there, a prestigious chance of winning it big.

Mega Moolah

There's no doubt that the first places you'll think about to get rich are the Metropolis but, little would you expect that riches are only somewhere deep into the wilderness and more specifically, in Africa. This is what the Mega Moolah will show you, one of the most illustrious big slots machines from the Microgaming platform. It continues to be one of the best casino games to win with its 5-column and 25-payline reels. It may seem quite simple at first, especially when 3D games ran rampant today but, what will surely not disappoint you are the jackpots of the game.

When you enter the game, the first sector that will surely capture your attention is the indicator of the jackpot at the top of the reels. There's the mini, minor, major and the mega jackpot, pertaining to the highly anticipated progressive jackpot of the game. You may think that this isn't really winnable as it's too big but, history begs to differ as over $13 Million have already been seen given as a jackpot of a winner from this game. In average, it is said that a lucky winner ends up winning millions every 17 weeks or so.

Jackpot Giant

Aside from Microgaming, Playtech also has quite a lot of entries when it comes to the biggest jackpot online slots today. Jackpot Giant is just one among of Playtech's high-end and incredibly lucrative machine. Just as the title of this machine, the game features a giant along with his treasures. It would surely make you reminisce about Jack and the Beanstalk, only a lot more lucrative and grander.

It flaunts a 5-column reel jam-packed with over 50 pay lines, allowing players to have bigger chances of nabbing topnotch prizes. Along with that comes some special symbols, capable of helping players reach unprecedentedly higher chances of winning each spin. There are scatter symbols, wild symbols but more importantly, the whopping jackpot of the game can reach millions of dollars as well, with the biggest jackpot winner bringing home more than $5 Million in prizes.

Mega Fortune

Setting one of the biggest cash prizes ever won in the history of the online slots industry, Mega Fortune remains one of the most lucrative game you could ever handle on your screen. It has already awarded a whopping $17 Million to the luckiest winner of the game and in average, winners come up every 11 weeks. This is a high rate of winners, making it a highly attractive option for a multitude of players out there. With this kind of prize, it is not surprising that low rollers and high rollers alike have already shifted their attention to the highly lucrative environment of this 5-reel and 25-payline game.


These big slots machines are undoubtedly life-changing games that anyone would surely want to try. But of course, even with your strong desire to make millions, it is best that you observe prudence as you play these games - play strategically and you may just end up becoming one of the biggest winners of the game in the near future.