Follow These Simple Rules to Play USA Blackjack

Sun Palace Casino Games Blackjack

Many of our customers want to know the USA blackjack rules, and the truth is that while this game is incredibly easy to learn, it is difficult to master. When you play blackjack at Sun Palace, your goal is to beat the dealer without exceeding a hand total of 21. You'll receive two cards at first, but you'll be able to decide whether you would like to take more or simply keep the value you have. Of course, the decisions you make should be based upon odds and mathematics, and that's where things seem to get difficult for many people. The truth is that it doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems.

Sun Palace is an online establishment, so while you can't waltz into your favorite land-based venue carrying an odds chart and sit down at any table you choose due to restrictions, those restrictions don't apply here. Once you've mastered how to hit, stand, take insurance, double, and split in the physical sense through the use of our software, it's time to get a grasp for the mathematics. Now, while we could explain how and why certain decisions are better than others, it's easier to just say that there are numerous odds charts out there that will fit any variant you choose to play. All you have to do is print one out and do exactly as it says!

Thus, in a nutshell, the simple rules to play blackjack in our USA software can be mastered in a matter of minutes with any of the free variations that we make available to you. However, it's best to practice with a chart in hand before moving on to real money; otherwise, you might find that your bankroll is dwindling. When you feel that you're ready, all you need to do is choose one of our popular banking methods and decide how much to deposit. We'll match it up to $150 for all of our new customers, so what have you got to lose? Over time, you'll learn exactly what you should and should not do and your chart will be a thing of the past.